Paul Sudron is a 26 y.o. visual craftsman and image technician based in Lyon (FRANCE). Self-taught photographer, D.o.P. and colorist, originally graduate graphic designer, he is a true intertwined tissue of knowledges, a patchwork of skills, gleaned here and there.

« Hours pacing the streets, looking for a detail, a light. THE light. Seeking for a slice of life, or just a composition, a harmony. Some portraits shooted too. Friends's ones. Lovers's ones.
The idea of an emotion, of an image. Image, always this attraction for images, the beautiful image, the one that we collect in our memories, to mark the memories through images that we've crafted. Review images that we love. Endless, the research of an image, beautiful or not, but always the right one. In a frame, a movement, a movie, a memory already, the one of lights, colors and shapes. »


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